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31 August 1946 | (1946) | Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller | English | Rating: 8.1 | Runtime: 114 mins
Plot Keywords
General, Philip Marlowe, Murder, Blackmail, Detective
Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by a rich family. Before the complex case is over, he's seen murder, blackmail, and what might be love.
Watch Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineHumphrey Bogart
Watch Martha Vickers in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineMartha Vickers
Watch Regis Toomey in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineRegis Toomey
Watch Bob Steele in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineBob Steele
Watch Trevor Bardette in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineTrevor Bardette
Watch Deannie Best in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineDeannie Best
Watch Joseph Crehan in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineJoseph Crehan
Watch Carole Douglas in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineCarole Douglas
Watch Bess Flowers in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineBess Flowers
Watch Pete Kooy in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlinePete Kooy
Watch Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineLauren Bacall
Watch Dorothy Malone in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineDorothy Malone
Watch Charles Waldron in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineCharles Waldron
Watch Elisha Cook Jr. in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineElisha Cook Jr.
Watch Joy Barlow in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineJoy Barlow
Watch Tanis Chandler in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineTanis Chandler
Watch Oliver Cross in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineOliver Cross
Watch Jay Eaton in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineJay Eaton
Watch Shep Houghton in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineShep Houghton
Watch Lorraine Miller in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineLorraine Miller
Watch John Ridgely in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineJohn Ridgely
Watch Peggy Knudsen in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlinePeggy Knudsen
Watch Charles D. Brown in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineCharles D. Brown
Watch Louis Jean Heydt in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineLouis Jean Heydt
Watch Max Barwyn in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineMax Barwyn
Watch Jack Chefe in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineJack Chefe
Watch Sonia Darrin in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineSonia Darrin
Watch Tom Fadden in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineTom Fadden
Watch Kenner G. Kemp in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineKenner G. Kemp
Watch Forbes Murray in The Big Sleep 1946 OnlineForbes Murray
Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller
Howard Hawks
William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett, Jules Furthman, Raymond Chandler
Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely, Martha Vickers, Dorothy Malone
Jack L. Warner, Howard Hawks
Max Steiner
Sidney Hickox
Christian Nyby
Release date
31 August 1946
The type of man she hated . . . was the type she wanted !
Plot keywords
Philip Marlowe
Top 250
Philip Marlowe:How bout a cup of coffee, Bernie?
Chief Inspector Bernie Ohls:Uh Uhh. I can't afford to be seen with you.
Also known as
Al borde del abismo = Argentina
Der tiefe Schlaf = Austria (TV title)
De diepe slaap = Belgium (Flemish title)
Le grand sommeil = Belgium (French title)
Големият сън = Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)
À Beira do Abismo = Brazil
Hluboký spánek = Czech Republic (TV title)
Marlowe går til sagen = Denmark (DVD title)
Sternwood-mysteriet = Denmark
El sueño eterno = Spain
La gran dormida = Spain (Catalan title)
Den djupa sömnen = Finland (Swedish title)
Syvä uni = Finland
Le grand sommeil = France
Pathos kai aima = Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Πάθος και αίμα = Greece
A hosszú álom = Hungary
Hosszú álom = Hungary
Il grande sonno = Italy
El gran sueño = Mexico
Den store søvnen = Norway
Wielki sen = Poland
À Beira do Abismo = Portugal
Somnul de Veci = Romania
Veliki san = Serbia
Utpressning = Sweden
Глубокий сон = Soviet Union (Russian title)
Birlesen Kalbler = Turkey (Turkish title)
Tote schlafen fest = West Germany (dubbed version)
Tote schlafen fest = West Germany
Release dates
USA = 23 August 1946, USA = 31 August 1946, France = 6 August 1947, Italy = 10 December 1947, Portugal = 14 January 1948, Turkey = February 1948, Finland = 1 July 1949, Hong Kong = 22 May 1952, Japan = 3 April 1955, Austria = 13 June 1958, Sweden = 23 October 1961, Denmark = 2 May 1962, Finland = 6 March 1964, West Germany = 29 September 1967, Spain = 4 April 1972, Norway = 5 December 1974, Austria = November 1977, East Germany = 9 June 1979, Finland = 14 September 1984, Greece = 22 July 2010, UK = 31 December 2010
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