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20 October 1945 | (1945) | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance | English | Rating: 8.0 | Runtime: 111 mins
Plot Keywords
Restaurant, Promise, Girl, Money, Beach House
After her cheating husband leaves her, Mildred Pierce proves she can become independent and successful, but can't win the approval of her spoiled daughter.
Watch Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineJoan Crawford
Watch Eve Arden in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineEve Arden
Watch Lee Patrick in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineLee Patrick
Watch Jo Ann Marlowe in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineJo Ann Marlowe
Watch Ramsay Ames in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineRamsay Ames
Watch Lynn Baggett in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineLynn Baggett
Watch Barbara Brown in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineBarbara Brown
Watch Doria Caron in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineDoria Caron
Watch Wallis Clark in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineWallis Clark
Watch Joyce Compton in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineJoyce Compton
Watch Jack Carson in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineJack Carson
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Watch Clancy Cooper in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineClancy Cooper
Watch Zachary Scott in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineZachary Scott
Watch Bruce Bennett in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineBruce Bennett
Watch Veda Ann Borg in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineVeda Ann Borg
Watch Betty Alexander in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineBetty Alexander
Watch Robert Arthur in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineRobert Arthur
Watch Dorothy Barrett in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineDorothy Barrett
Watch Claire Carleton in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineClaire Carleton
Watch John Christian in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineJohn Christian
Watch John Compton in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineJohn Compton
Watch David Cota in Mildred Pierce 1945 OnlineDavid Cota
Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance
Michael Curtiz
Ranald MacDougall, James M. Cain, William Faulkner, Margaret Gruen, Albert Maltz, Louise Randall Pierson, Catherine Turney, Margaret Buell Wilder, Thames Williamson
Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden, Ann Blyth
Jerry Wald, Jack L. Warner
Max Steiner
Ernest Haller
David Weisbart
Release date
20 October 1945
In her heart of hearts she knew it would happen this way !
Plot keywords
Beach House
Kay Pierce:You ought to do something about your sit-down.
Veda:What's wrong with it?
Kay Pierce:It sticks out.
Following several gunshots, Monte Beragon (Zachary Scott) collapses in the living room of a beach house...
Also known as
Mildred Pierce = (original title)
Abnegación de mujer = Argentina
Solange ein Herz schlägt = Austria
Le roman de Mildred Pierce = Belgium (French title)
Alma em Suplício = Brazil
Mildred Pierce = Denmark
Alma en suplicio = Spain
Mildred Pierce - amerikkalainen nainen = Finland
Le roman de Mildred Pierce = France
Thyella se mitriki kardia = Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Mildred Pierce = Hungary
Il romanzo di Mildred = Italy
Mildred Pierce = Poland
Alma em Suplício = Portugal
Mildred Pierce - En amerikansk kvinna = Sweden
Ömre bedel kadin = Turkey (Turkish title)
El suplicio de una madre = Uruguay
Solange ein Herz schlägt = West Germany
Release dates
Canada = 1945, USA = 24 September 1945, USA = 20 October 1945, Turkey = 1946, Sweden = 18 November 1946, Finland = 22 November 1946, Portugal = 2 December 1946, France = 29 January 1947, Spain = 1 November 1948, Denmark = 12 November 1948, Austria = 1950, West Germany = 24 April 1950, UK = 13 April 2001, Ireland = 2 August 2003, France = 17 May 2006
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