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25 January 1941 | (1941) | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller | English | Rating: 7.6 | Runtime: 100 mins
Plot Keywords
Robbery, Police, California, Prison, Hotel
After being released from prison, notorious thief Roy Earle is hired by his old boss to help a group of inexperienced criminals plan and carry out the robbery of a California resort.
Watch Ida Lupino in High Sierra 1941 OnlineIda Lupino
Watch Arthur Kennedy in High Sierra 1941 OnlineArthur Kennedy
Watch Henry Travers in High Sierra 1941 OnlineHenry Travers
Watch Barton MacLane in High Sierra 1941 OnlineBarton MacLane
Watch Donald MacBride in High Sierra 1941 OnlineDonald MacBride
Watch Willie Best in High Sierra 1941 OnlineWillie Best
Watch Robert Strange in High Sierra 1941 OnlineRobert Strange
Watch Zero the Dog in High Sierra 1941 OnlineZero the Dog
Watch Dorothy Appleby in High Sierra 1941 OnlineDorothy Appleby
Watch James Blaine in High Sierra 1941 OnlineJames Blaine
Watch Humphrey Bogart in High Sierra 1941 OnlineHumphrey Bogart
Watch Joan Leslie in High Sierra 1941 OnlineJoan Leslie
Watch Jerome Cowan in High Sierra 1941 OnlineJerome Cowan
Watch Elisabeth Risdon in High Sierra 1941 OnlineElisabeth Risdon
Watch Paul Harvey in High Sierra 1941 OnlinePaul Harvey
Watch Spencer Charters in High Sierra 1941 OnlineSpencer Charters
Watch John Eldredge in High Sierra 1941 OnlineJohn Eldredge
Watch Eddie Acuff in High Sierra 1941 OnlineEddie Acuff
Watch Peter Ashley in High Sierra 1941 OnlinePeter Ashley
Watch Wade Boteler in High Sierra 1941 OnlineWade Boteler
Watch Alan Curtis in High Sierra 1941 OnlineAlan Curtis
Watch Henry Hull in High Sierra 1941 OnlineHenry Hull
Watch Minna Gombell in High Sierra 1941 OnlineMinna Gombell
Watch Cornel Wilde in High Sierra 1941 OnlineCornel Wilde
Watch Isabel Jewell in High Sierra 1941 OnlineIsabel Jewell
Watch George Meeker in High Sierra 1941 OnlineGeorge Meeker
Watch Sam Hayes in High Sierra 1941 OnlineSam Hayes
Watch Erville Alderson in High Sierra 1941 OnlineErville Alderson
Watch Arthur Aylesworth in High Sierra 1941 OnlineArthur Aylesworth
Watch Lucia Carroll in High Sierra 1941 OnlineLucia Carroll
Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller
Raoul Walsh
John Huston, W.R. Burnett
Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart, Alan Curtis, Arthur Kennedy, Joan Leslie
Mark Hellinger, Hal B. Wallis
Adolph Deutsch
Tony Gaudio
Jack Killifer
Release date
25 January 1941
Towering Thrills with this Year's Academy Award Star!
Plot keywords
Big Mac:Times have sure changed.
Roy Earle:Yeah, ain't they? You know, Mac, sometimes I feel like I don't know what it's all about anymore.
See Bogie at his best as world weary "Mad Dog Roy Earle" Given a pardon from jail he gets back into the swing of things as he robs a swanky resort...
Also known as
High Sierra = (original title)
Altas sierras = Argentina
Entscheidung in der Sierra = Austria
La grande évasion = Belgium (French title)
Zijn laatste vlucht = Belgium (Flemish title)
O Último Refúgio = Brazil (alternative title)
Seu Último Refúgio = Brazil
Último Refúgio = Brazil (reissue title)
El último refugio = Spain
Haute Sierra = France (literal title)
High Sierra = France (DVD title)
La grande évasion = France
O drapetis tis Sierra = Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Magas-Sierra = Hungary
Una pallottola per Roy = Italy
Su último refugio = Mexico
O Último Refúgio = Portugal
Visoka sijera = Serbia
Sierra = Sweden
Entscheidung in der Sierra = West Germany
Release dates
USA = 21 January 1941, USA = 24 January 1941, USA = 25 January 1941, Brazil = 16 March 1941, Mexico = 3 April 1941, Argentina = 29 April 1941, Sweden = 27 October 1941, Portugal = 28 October 1943, Spain = 6 June 1947, France = 26 November 1947, Italy = 2 September 1948, Hong Kong = 21 April 1955, Finland = 4 July 1970, Austria = March 1974, West Germany = 21 October 1977, Japan = 3 December 1988
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