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15 April 1943 | (1943) | Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller, War | English, German | Rating: 7.6 | Runtime: 134 mins
Plot Keywords
Nazi, Assassination, Resistance, Gestapo, Hostage
After the Nazi administrator of Czechoslovakia is shot, his assassin tries to elude the Gestapo and struggles with his impulse to give himself up as hostages are executed.
Watch Brian Donlevy in Hangmen Also Die! 1943 OnlineBrian Donlevy
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Watch Lionel Stander in Hangmen Also Die! 1943 OnlineLionel Stander
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Watch Louis V. Arco in Hangmen Also Die! 1943 OnlineLouis V. Arco
Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller, War
Fritz Lang
Bertolt Brecht, Fritz Lang, John Wexley
Brian Donlevy, Walter Brennan, Anna Lee, Gene Lockhart, Dennis O'Keefe
Theo. W. Baumfeld, Fritz Lang, Arnold Pressburger
Hanns Eisler
James Wong Howe
Gene Fowler Jr.
Release date
15 April 1943
Fritz Lang's masterpiece of intrigue and deception.
Plot keywords
Czech Patriot:Your mothers were slimy rats! Their milk was sewer water!
In Czechoslovakia on June 4, 1942 during the Nazi occupation of World War 2 the vicious Nazi Gestapo leader Reinhard Heydrich...
Also known as
Hangmen Also Die! = (original title)
Lest We Forget =
Os Carrascos Também Morrem = Brazil
Henker sterben auch = East Germany (TV title)
Bødler dør også = Denmark
Los verdugos también mueren = Spain
Myöskin pyövelit kuolevat = Finland
Pyövelitkin kuolevat = Finland
Les bourreaux meurent aussi = France
Hangmen Also Die! = UK
Kai oi dimioi pethainoun = Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
A hóhér halála = Hungary
Anche i boia muoiono = Italy
Kaci takze umieraja = Poland
Os Carrascos Também Morrem = Portugal
Skräckdagar i Prag = Sweden
Never Surrender = USA (working title)
No Surrender = USA (working title)
Trust the People = USA (working title)
Auch Henker sterben = West Germany (alternative title)
Dzelat takodje umire = Yugoslavia (Serbian title) (literal title)
Release dates
USA = 23 March 1943, USA = 15 April 1943, Sweden = 3 May 1945, Portugal = 5 September 1945, Italy = 10 January 1946, Denmark = 25 November 1946, France = 27 August 1947, USA = October 1947, Finland = 26 June 1953, West Germany = 3 April 1958, West Germany = 23 October 1974, East Germany = 9 September 1984, Japan = 12 December 1987, Japan = 18 September 1999, Greece = 12 October 2006, France = 24 October 2007, Portugal = 8 January 2010, Greece = 20 December 2012
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