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27 March 2015 | (2015) | Comedy | English
When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars. |
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Etan Cohen
Jay Martel, Ian Roberts, Etan Cohen, Adam McKay
Alison Brie, Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, Mariana Paola Vicente, Dan Bakkedahl
Bob Dohrmann, Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy, Adam McKay, Ravi D. Mehta, Kevin J. Messick
Christophe Beck
Tim Suhrstedt
Michael L. Sale
Mpaa rating
Release date
27 March 2015
An education in incarceration
[from trailer]
Rita Lewis:What reason did you give to him, to assume you went to jail?
Darnell Lewis:I was being black!
Rita Lewis:You're not exactly a thug, Darnell!
Darnell Lewis:All I got to do is talk a little deeper. "Hey, bitch, don't walk away from me!"
Rita Lewis:[slaps Darnell] What the hell did you just say to me? What is wrong with you?
Darnell Lewis:[crying] Stop, stop! What is that?
Also known as
Der Knastcoach = Germany
Keményítőkúra = Hungary
Duri si diventa = Italy
Cienki Bolek = Poland
Faz-te Homem = Portugal
Крепись! = Russia
Release dates
USA = 16 March 2015, Australia = 26 March 2015, Iraq = 26 March 2015, New Zealand = 26 March 2015, Singapore = 26 March 2015, UK = 27 March 2015, Ireland = 27 March 2015, USA = 27 March 2015, Romania = 3 April 2015, Argentina = 16 April 2015, Belgium = 22 April 2015, Chile = 23 April 2015, Germany = 23 April 2015, Austria = 24 April 2015, Norway = 24 April 2015, Philippines = 29 April 2015, Brazil = 30 April 2015, Portugal = 30 April 2015, Turkey = 22 May 2015, Italy = 17 June 2015, Denmark = 25 June 2015, Russia = 25 June 2015, Ukraine = 25 June 2015, France = 1 July 2015, Spain = 3 July 2015, Sweden = 3 July 2015, Netherlands = 9 July 2015
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