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Action made in [2000]

La revancha (2000)

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IMDB Info for La revancha IMDB Rating: 5.70 of 10 (15 votes)

Plot: Aristides Ruiz was a wealthy businessman with two young daughters: Isabela and Mariana. Aristides worked alongside another wealthy businessman named Rodrigo Arciniegas. However, Rodrigo did not gain his wealth the honest way. He was embezzling money from the company he and Aristides worked for. Aristides later learned of Rodrigo's crimes and threatened to tell the police. Rodrigo later killed him in cold blood. Aristides' two daughters were separated after his death: Isabela was taken by her godfather, and Mariana was taken by the nanny, Providencia Santander. Twenty years later, the daughters have grown up separate from each other. Isabela, who has lived the life of luxury and is well aware of what happened to her father, vows revenge against the man who killed her father, and she seeks to find her lost sister. Mariana grew up in a humble home devoid of riches with Providencia. Providencia changed Mariana's name to Soledad Santander, and she knows nothing of her deceased birth father or her sister. Later, Soledad and Isabela are reunited because they fall in love with the same man. They have both fallen in love with a young doctor named Alejandro Arciniegas, who is also the son of the man who killed their father. Alejandro is attracted to Isabela, but he is truly in love with Soledad. Alejandro, like Soledad, is totally unaware of the link between their families. However, Isabela later learns the truth of Alejandro and his family, and tries to use Soledad as part of her revenge. The question is this: Which is stronger, love or vengeance?? Written by Nadiya K. Edwards <nadiyae@clemson.edu>

La revancha