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Insidious (2010)

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IMDB Info for Insidious IMDB Rating: 6.70 of 10 (75690 votes)

Plot: A gripping story of a family in search of help for their son, Dalton, who fell into a coma after a mysterious incident in attic. Little do they know that there is much more to this endless sleep than meets the eye as they explore the paranormal, and rediscover the past; the key to getting their son back once and for all.


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Actors: Lin Shaye Patrick Wilson Rose Byrne Ruben Pla Kelly Devoto Heather Tocquigny J. LaRose Ty Simpkins Leigh Whannell Jeannette Sousa Barbara Hershey Angus Sampson Omar Apanco Salgado Corbett Tuck Josh Feldman Andrew Astor John Henry Binder Joseph Bishara Philip Friedman Caslin Rose

Director(s): James Wan

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