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Comedy, Crime made in [2002]

High Times Potluck (2002)

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IMDB Info for High Times Potluck IMDB Rating: 5.00 of 10 (331 votes)

Plot: High Times' Pot Luck is an upbeat pot caper that centers around a mobster who discovers the magic of marijuana. Frank is a loyal mob soldier whose eyes and mind are opened when he gets turned on to some killer weed by Jade, a beautiful young punk rocker who fronts an all-girl band. A suitcase full of high-quality reefer follows them throughout the film-- the suitcase is bought and sold, then stolen and restolen by an unlikely cast of gangsters, artists, drag queens and activists. The movie erupts in downtown Manhattan at a rally for the legalization of marijuana, where all the characters come together, making this the "Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Pot." Written by Anonymous

High Times Potluck