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Western made in [1995]

Hard Bounty (1995)

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IMDB Info for Hard Bounty IMDB Rating: 3.70 of 10 (212 votes)

Plot: Kanning makes a good living as a bounty hunter. He always brings the guilty to justice and never makes a mistake. One day he makes a mistake, and decides to leave the bounty business: he buys the town saloon where his woman Donnie works as a whore. Meanwhile Carver busies himself extorting land claims for Bartell Mining Company, and comes into town to register some deeds. Kanning and Carver have bad feelings over a past incident, and Carver kills a whore to get Kanning's attention. When the sheriff and Kanning won't do anything to help find Carver, Donnie and her whores strap on guns, saddle up, and ride out seeking justice. Written by Ed Sutton <esutton@mindspring.com>

Hard Bounty