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Musical, Romance made in [1969]

Pyar Ka Mausam (1969)

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IMDB Info for Pyar Ka Mausam IMDB Rating: 6.90 of 10 (33 votes)

Plot: Seema is the only child of widowed Mohan, who is adopted by Mohan's boss, Sardar Ranjit Singh, who has no heir to his estate, as his daughter, Jamuna, eloped with a much poor peasant, Gopal, as well as Ranjit does not get well with his step-brother, Shankar. Jamuna manages to placate her dad, & he goes to her house, only to find it in flames with Gopal burned to death, and their son, Sunder, missing. Years later, Seema has now grown up and meets with a young man named Pyarelal in Ooty. She meets him a year later, but this time he introduces himself as Jhatpat Singh, a man she was supposedly engaged to in their childhood. Shortly thereafter she meets with the real Jhatpat Singh, and changes her mind about the fake Jhatpat Singh alias Pyarelal. She does get to meet him again - this time he claims to be Sunil, who gets employed by Ranjit as the Estate Manager. Both re-kindle their romance - but Seema is betrayed again when she finds out that he has lied to her - as his real identity is Ramesh Kumar, the son of Shankar Singh - and his motive to get married to Seema so that he can inherit the estate and wealthy of the Kumar family. Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)

Pyar Ka Mausam