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WatchThisFree allows you to stream, download and watch free movies online. Watch Full Movies, TV Shows and New Releases in Full HD today!

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Welcome to one of the web’s hottest sites around to watch free movies online!

Literally millions and millions of people visit our site each and every single day to view videos at no cost through the internet without any commercial interruptions whatsoever – and almost all of them tell their friends to come and check us out as well!

Offering one of the largest catalogs of movies (even larger than on Let Me Watch This) you’ll find anywhere on the Internet, we direct you instantly to the links you need to follow to watch all of your favorite movies for free (100% free of charge – with no strings attached) in the highest possible quality – including blockbuster movies that recently were in theaters!

Obviously, you probably have a couple of questions you’d like to ask about this online free movie service, but hopefully you’ll find the answers to your most common ones included below! Remember, there’s no reason whatsoever to read all of the questions below if you don’t want to – if you want to jump right into finding a flick and watch free movies online, don’t let us stop you!

What do free movie sites like LetMeWatchThis, Movie2k, Project Free TV and Watch Series have in common?

Free Streaming sites such as Let Me Watch This, 1Channel, Movie2k, Watch Series and Project Free TV contains many links to videos which have been uploaded without the right-holders permission. This mean's by accessing these videos you may be watching un-licensed content.

Google do their best to filter unlicensed content from their results by removing these links upon request from the video right-holders but often times these unauthorized videos can stay online for days and even months if they are not detected. A good example of is LetMeWatchThis which was a free website to stream videos on.

If you want to ensure what you're watching is 100% legal it is always best practice to buy or stream videos through paid subscription endorsed by movie and television companies who own the digital rights and if there's a movie you really want to see, there's no better way to watch it than at your local movie theater!

Am I going to get in trouble using this site?
This is probably the biggest question that most people have when they come to our website, and hopefully we can put your mind at ease (at least a little bit).

Because we do not host any of the movies that you can find here (instead, we simply link to other services and providers that have the actual movies themselves), you will never get in trouble by using the services that we provide.

Though you can certainly see free films online with our help, we are more of a “reference database” than anything else – and will never (and have never) asked for any personally identifying information from you.

Rest assured, there aren’t going to be any “secret movie police” taking in your door anytime soon to stop you from using our service to watch free movies online – and you shouldn’t be getting any of those “threatening letters” from your ISP either! Unlike LetMeWatchTHis, we at WatchThisFree are completely legitimate!

What kinds of movies can I find on here?

The easiest way to describe our collection of 100% free movies that you can browse and watch with the help of our website would be “epic”.

Now, we understand that this word is thrown around all the time now by long-haired skateboarders that are trying to look much cooler than they actually are, but this collection actually really is epic in every sense of the word. We’ve taken the time to catalog literally thousands and thousands of movies (across almost all genres you can imagine), including your favorite flicks from when you were a kid all the way up to the latest and greatest Hollywood blockbusters that are just getting out of (or going into) theaters today!

No matter if you’re looking for:
  • Comedies that have you rolling on the floor with laughter
  • Action flicks with your favorite superstar heroes
  • Period pieces that I transport you to a completely different time and place altogether
  • Musicals with all of your favorite tunes
  • The hottest chick flicks and romantic films ever produced
  • And so much more! …you’ll have absolutely no trouble whatsoever finding the right films and then watching free movies online thanks to our service!
  • Unlike other popular movie and television sites such as LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel, Movie2k, WatchSeries and Project Free TV, WatchThisFree uses Google Custom Search to provide you with the best sources to watch your favorite movies and TV episodes online.

    How I can I find my favorite movie?

    It’s pretty easy to use our service to help you watch free movies online, but we have streamlined the process even more by offering you to super simple ways to go about finding your favorite movies.

    On the one hand, you can simply use the “browse” function that you’ll find at the top of each and every page to check out all different kinds of flicks (listed alphabetically and by genre to quickly cross-reference).

    On the other hand, we have offered a super easy to use search bar that will direct you instantly to your favorite films and movies with just a few keystrokes and the single click of your mouse button!

    No matter whether you’re looking for something specific (an old movie that you haven’t seen in forever or a new one that you’ve heard a tremendous amount about) or just want to browse around to find something to help you kill some time – or maybe create that perfect date night atmosphere – you’ll be able to find the right flicks at WatchThisFree when you want to watch movies online!

    What if I can’t find my favorite movie here?

    If you cannot find your favorite movie, or if you have found your favorite movie here but the link is broken, make sure that you let us know by either dropping is a line in the contact part of our website or joining the community and leaving your comments on the actual page for the film itself. We are doing absolutely everything we can to help you find your favorite shows - we are legit unlike LetMeWatchThis and we’re going to try to improve our service as much as possible. Let us know if anything isn’t working exactly as you expected, and hopefully we will be able to remedy the problem on the spot or as quickly as humanly possible!

    What do I need to do to watch movies online here?

    Well, to see movies online here you are going to need at least 20/20 eyesight… Just kidding. All you’re going to need to watch free movies online is a laptop or desktop computer or similar device and an Internet connection – the speedier the better. Obviously, those with higher speed Internet connections are going to be able to watch movies in high definition without any headaches or hassles, but even your everyday run-of-the-mill DSL connection should be more than enough!

    In some rare cases, you may need to update the Flash player on your computer (or even install Microsoft Silverlight), but most of the time you can get started right away!

    How long will it take me to download a movie from here?

    We actually don’t link to any movie downloads whatsoever with our service, and instead link to streaming movies only. This means that you’ll never have to download a movie and wait for it to finish before you get to watch it – and will never have to worry about the security concerns that downloading files from services that you may not fully trust can bring about.

    What's your favorite place to watch movies and television online?

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    Hopefully now you understand what our free movie service has to offer, and we hope you find the flicks that you are after!